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Rilievi aerofotogrammetrici di precisione offerta

305 giorni
da TERRALAB SRL (n.d.)
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Produciamo rilievi aereofotogrammetrici di precisione, anche con l’ausilio di sistemi GPS RTK, che ci consentono di ottenere i seguenti prodotti : Ortofoto digitali con risoluzione fino a 4 cm; Modello 3D a nuvola di punti; Modello a curve di livello; DTM (risoluzione fino a 20 cm) e DSM (risoluzione fino a 4 cm); Cartografia tecnica…

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2 mesi fa
Rilievi aerofotogrammetrici di precisione last update: 2018-06-28T13:03:44+00:00 da TERRALAB SRL

Drone Pilot coop

273 giorni
da tylerhabib (n.d.)
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Record videos and take photos

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3 mesi fa
Drone Pilot last update: 2018-05-27T18:04:14+00:00 da tylerhabib

Professional Drone Hire for Aerial Photography offerta

226 giorni
da highexposure (n.d.)
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High Exposure provides professional UAV photography and videography services throughout Australia. We are fully insured for up to $10 million in public liability insurance, and can secure backing of up to $20 million for larger projects. To provide the highest quality photos and videos possible, we only use high end equipment to film and photograph…

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4 mesi fa
Professional Drone Hire for Aerial Photography last update: 2018-04-10T07:17:14+00:00 da highexposure
Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

Drone Pilot Looking For Business offerta

$50.00 (2 hours) All'ora
93 giorni
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I am very well trained and licensed as a drone pilot. There are many people in the field and on this website with no idea what they are doing who are charging much more than me. Call me with any job for a quote.

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9 mesi fa
Drone Pilot Looking For Business last update: 2017-11-29T03:01:03+00:00 da Shortline Productions

Whether forecast for drones coop

26 giorni
0 User
da Vitalii (n.d.)
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We develop a system that help you to check whether conditions before takeoff, select perfect takeoff time and actualize waypoints/trajectory accordingly to whether forecast in offline and in realtime. Building dev team. pls, contact me: vsamotaev@glash.io

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11 mesi fa
Whether forecast for drones last update: 2017-09-22T15:09:29+00:00 da Vitalii
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