Sharing aerial services

How it Works


1. Register for free on Droneshare.club as user of civilian drone services (we will keep your info confidential: no spam).
2. Search for professionals, or launch a request CALL.
3. Droneshare.club will match skills and categories and forwards your call to the most appropriate professionals.
4. You will receive up to 5 free quotes from selected professionals.
5. Users and professionals interacts and conclude business directly or optionally, if required, with the support of Droneshare.club.
6. Choose and hire a professional.
7. Once the job is completed you will be able to rate the service provider with a satisfaction rating.

1. Register for free and upload your profile on Droneshare.club as a professional member provider of civilian drone services, and keep it up to date entering in detail your skills and selecting the most appropriate categories.
You can also post bid calls for specific services you might need.
2. Receive requests of quotes matching your profile and decide whether to submit your quote, ignore or ask for further clarifications.
3. You will only pay when you send price quotes to potential clients with your Droneshare.club credits.
4. The user will receive your quote together with an introductory profile of your business.
5. Users and professionals can deal in direct contact with each other, or with Droneshare.club oversight and support.
6. After the the job is completed you will receive a rating for the client.

1. Register for free and list your profile on Droneshare.club as user partner and/or civilian drone service provider.
2. Browse the club for professional or partners for your project, or place a CALL proposing a request, offer, sharing, or purchasing group.
3. Droneshare.club will redirect the call to the most appropriate members, professionals and users, matching skills and categories.
4. Only partners who respond to the calls are charged with Droneshare.club credits.
5. User group leaders, partners and suppliers can deal directly or with Droneshare.club support and oversight.
6. Submit a project.
7. After the job done express your satisfaction with a rating.

The MEMBER can list his services, expertise and professional resources for the public to see, specifying conditions and costs when possible. For example, a surveyor or engineer with sophisticated airborne analysis equipment wants to find clients.MAKE YOUR PROJECT

The MEMBER can publish his request for services, resources, shared user groups at no cost, specifying when possible the timeframe for the job, and available budget.
For example the owner of a farm wants to create an airborn video of her property and seeks a professional drone pilot to carry out the filming activity.MAKE YOUR PROJECT

The MEMBER can list a project where he demands participation of other DroneShare.club partners to reach his goal.
For example, a pilot who is in need of a partner possessing a drone specifically equipped for agronomic culture terrain relief analysis, or a geologist in need of a partner with equipment to scan some terrain can both post a cooperation project free of charge.MAKE YOUR PROJECT


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