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Amazon Patents Drone that Responds to Human Gestures


Amazon’s delivery drone will have the capability of recognizing human gestures and responding accordingly. Even though the patent was filed back in July 2016, it has just come to light now.

The patent shows a man wildly flailing his arms to get the attention of the drone that is approaching his home.

Amazon is trying to give people their deliveries in 30 minutes or less by using drones. These drones will be able to recognize what kinds of gestures people are making towards them. Whether its a thumbs up or shouting it will be able to change its behavior to respond to the person making the gesture.

Depending on the gesture it is receiving, the drone will respond in the following ways: it could release the package it is carrying, change its flight path, ask the human a question, or even abort the delivery.

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Drones fly from Sardinia to China

Sulcisdrone in China

Droneshare.club by Sulcisdrone is among the Italian Startups selected in the China-
Italy Best Startup Showcase, in the framework of the Sino Italy official cooperation.
The China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week is a matchmaking and
networking event held once a year, alternatively in Italy and in China. The event
targets Chinese and Italian research centers, universities, innovative enterprises and
startups and allows them to have the opportunity to start new partnerships in the
fields of research and innovation.
The 2017 edition China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week is held in China
from the 13th to the 17th of November, gathering, in a single back-to- back format,
the two main events of Sino-Italian cooperation: the China-Italy Innovation Forum
and the Sino-Italian Exchange Event, both held in the  capital Beijing.

The China-Italy Innovation Forum is promoted by Ministries of both countries and
represents the most important bilateral event in Europe with China in the field of
research and innovation.
The Sino-Italian Exchange Event is  with the scope of supporting the
internationalization of the innovation ecosystem.
A special program is dedicated to the startups and spin-offs with the Roadshow of
startups and the second edition of the China-Italy Best Startup Showcase which aim
to facilitate the connection of young enterprises with investors, industrial partners
and incubators and support their internationalization processes.
info  http://www.cittadellascienza.it/cina/
Giuseppe Vargiu   gv@sulcisdrone.it   +39 348 7811100

Drones fly from Sardinia to China last update: 2017-11-13T08:19:07+00:00 da admin

Nokia drones

drone nokia

Nokia has undertaken an interesting development activity in the UAV field. This news says a lot about the future of this important sector.
Specifically Nokia wants to carve out an important slice in drone networks. In fact, its goal is to create a technology that allows a group of drones to carry out search and recovery operations in remote areas.
The system uses the Ultra Compact Network system, which is nothing more than a LTE network on a base station that ensures connectivity between camera-equipped drones and a control center via a fast 4G LTE connection.
Nokia has realized a specific drone for the purpose: “OVNI”, which in French means ‘Objet Volant Non-Identifié’, or UFO in English.

Nokia drones last update: 2017-08-30T15:55:18+00:00 da admin
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